Commercial Dispute Resolution

Debt Recovery 

We appreciate that most businesses will experience problems with delayed payments. We also recognise that when debtors fail to pay or consistently delay payment, it can have a serious effect on a business’s cash flow. Where this becomes a serious problem, it can be necessary to take legal action to recover the debt.

Our expert solicitors have acted on behalf of various businesses and across numerous industries, and provide an efficient, proactive and professional debt recovery service. This experience and expertise means we are able to assist in a variety of disputes, delivering support and advice that is sensitive to the needs of your business.  

In our experience, proactive and prompt action by our debt recovery team is enough to produce a resolution of a disputed debt. Should a debt become a contentious matter, however, your interests will be pursued with the considerable resources of our highly experienced dispute resolution lawyers. 

The procedure pursued will depend on the particular circumstances of the disputed debt. In the county court, we are able to act in cases allocated to the ‘small claims track’ and in larger disputed claims which follow the ‘fast track’ procedure. Duncan Crine and the dispute resolution team also have expertise in pursuing larger, ‘multi-track’ claims. 

Our Work

In recent cases, we have provided a variety of different services, helping our clients to achieve a swift and cost effective resolution of their claim. Examples include acting in cases relating to bulk debt recovery, disputed claims between property developers and contractors, the recovery of shortfalls on customer loans, and claims in relation to the breach of sponsorship agreements. 

We offer a number of pre-action services, which frequently bring about the speedy recovery of a debt. We are experienced in the tracing of debtors, and can provide a Letter Before Action, a formal letter which sets out a date for payment, advises a debtor of your intention to take legal action and encourages them to seek independent advice. Where a business wishes to avoid alienating a debtor, we are able to conduct negotiations to achieve an appropriate resolution. 

We also act on behalf of businesses in the issuing and service of claims, and in the preparation and service of Statutory Demands. Where legal action has been taken, we support businesses in the enforcement of Judgements, the winding up of limited companies and, in individual cases, bankruptcy petitions. 


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